a smart thermostat that has been place on an interior wall of a home

The best thermostat placement for energy efficiency

Location, location, location: it applies to your thermostat too. Here’s why.

Did you know your thermostat can increase your home energy costs if it’s not positioned properly? Find out why the right placement matters.


What should you avoid while installing a thermostat?

When installing your thermostat, the main thing you want to avoid is placing it in an area with extreme temperatures. For example, don’t place it above air vents, near windows and doors, or in any spot that receives direct sunlight. Placement in these areas can cause false readings, which may cause your heating and cooling systems to run unnecessarily, increasing energy consumption and costs.

You should also avoid placing your thermostat in areas near appliances or electronics that radiate heat. For example, keep your thermostat away from your kitchen and household items like lamps or TVs. These areas frequently fluctuate in temperature, making it difficult for your thermostat to accurately read the room’s overall temperature and adjust your heating and cooling systems.

While many people tend to place their thermostat out of the way, you should avoid placing your thermostat in areas that are rarely used. Your hallway likely isn’t the same temperature as commonly used rooms, so placing your thermostat there can cause these rooms to get too hot or too cold due to poor readings.


So, where should you place the thermostat in your home?

Ideally, you should place your thermostat in a room that you use frequently so your thermostat is reading accurate temperatures. You should also place your thermostat on an interior wall that is unobstructed by household items. This will ensure there is a free flow of air around your thermostat so sensors can accurately read temperatures and engage your heating and cooling systems when necessary.

For maximum comfort, install a smart thermostat, which helps manage energy use by learning your schedule and preferences.

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