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CoolSaver Program

Reduce your energy bills over the summer with the CoolSaver program

The Save on Energy CoolSaver program helps homeowners and tenants upgrade their home cooling systems to reduce their electricity consumption and energy costs. The program helps address local electricity system constraints in the Richview South area in Toronto by offering incentives for air conditioner tune-ups, central air conditioner replacements, portable dehumidifiers and smart thermostats.

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This program is delivered in collaboration with Toronto Hydro.


Participants must:

  • be a resident in the program zone (see map below) and be a customer of Toronto Hydro.
  • be a homeowner or tenant of a single-family home, including a single-detached house, semi-detached house, row house and townhouse; tenants must provide a signed consent form from the homeowner.
  • enter into a Program Agreement with the IESO to undertake the efficiency upgrades/actions and sign a work order to complete the upgrade/actions by October 1, 2024.
  • have at least one or more eligible measures implemented; existing equipment that may require replacement must not have been previously incented.

Measures Available

The table below includes a list of eligible measures for the CoolSaver program and the incentive levels for each measure.

Energy-efficiency measure Participant Incentive

Air Conditioner Tune-ups

  • For residential central air conditioners between 1 and 5 tonnes installed at least one year before the date of service in CoolSaver: measures include airflow correction, air filter replacement, digital refrigerant analysis, and cleaning of indoor blower, evaporator coils and condenser coils.


Air Conditioner Tune-ups with Refrigerant Adjustments

  • This measure is an add-on to the CoolSaver tune-up measure. In cases where digital refrigerant analysis indicates low refrigerant charge, residents will be offered a refrigerant top-up.


Dehumidifier Replacement (ENERGY STAR Qualified - 3 sizes)

  • If you have a non-ENERGY STAR® CANADA dehumidifier or an ENERGY STAR dehumidifier more than 10 years old, this measure incentivizes the purchase and installation of Energy Star Canada qualified dehumidifiers (capacity between 14.2 liters a day and 35.5 liters per day).


Central Air Conditioner (CAC) Replacement, SEER 18

  • Incentives to replace old central ACs (with SEER 14 rating or lower) nearing end of life with new high-efficiency central air conditioner (SEER 18).


Smart Thermostat

  • Participants are eligible for incentives to upgrade to a smart, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat with occupancy sensors and learning capabilities.


How CoolSaver works

The CoolSaver program offers participants an easy way to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call 1-855-210-4001 or complete this form. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at info@coolsaver.ca.

  2. Eligible participants will receive an eligibility code and an approved list of qualified contractors from which to choose. You are free to call as many qualified contractors from the list as you like to obtain quotes for the work you want completed.

  3. Choose a contractor, provide them with the eligibility code and schedule the service appointment. To be eligible for CoolSaver incentives, you must implement at least one measure recommended by the contractor.

How to get Started

To sign up, find out if you are eligible, or learn more about the program:

Option One

Contact us by phone at


Option Two

Complete the form and receive a call or email from a program service provider within two business days

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