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peaksaver PLUS

peaksaver PLUS devices deactivated after September 30, 2017. 

Over the last ten years, the peaksaver PLUS program has provided Ontarians a unique opportunity to contribute to grid reliability. peaksaver PLUS devices have allowed the IESO, as grid operator, to curtail energy demand during hot days, reducing the need to rely on power plants to produce more energy.   

Smart technology has progressed significantly over this time and is now used in a variety of applications – including home thermostats. These technologies open the door for new programs and offerings that take advantage of the new capabilities.
Rebates for smart thermostats are already available through Save on Energy programs such as the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program.   

So to those who participated in peaksaver PLUS – thanks for your contribution and stay tuned for more demand response programs in the near future.


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