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ENERGY STAR certified general LEDs
ENERGY STAR certified specialty LEDs
LEDs that are covered, tri-light, chandelier, spotlight, floodlight, or decorative; any type except general LED; must be ENERGY STAR certified.
ENERGY STAR certified LED Multipack
General or specialty LED bulbs; must be ENERGY STAR certified.
ENERGY STAR certified specialty CFLs
CFLs that are covered, decorative, dimmable, floodlight, spotlight, globe, candelabra, tri-light, etc.; any type except standard CFL; must be ENERGY STAR certified.
ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures
Indoor, hard wired; must be ENERGY STAR certified
ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans
Indoor, hard wired; fans may be those with
or without light sockets; must be
ENERGY STAR certified
Lighting control products
Indoor motion sensors, dimmer switches, timers (hard wired)
Does not include window sealing kits
(shrink wrap).
Electric water heater blanket
For electric water heaters only
Heavy duty outdoor timers
All heavy duty plug in timers.
Advanced power bars
Power bars with integrated timer or
Outdoor clothesline umbrella stands or clothesline kits (seasonal item, subject
to availability)
Baseboard programmable thermostats
Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters
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