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Help for Low-Income Energy Consumers

Consumers with limited financial resources face specific challenges. To better understand issues affecting low-income energy consumers, and assess the need for and nature of energy-efficient upgrades to address the challenges facing these consumers, the Ontario Energy Board initiated a consultation with interested stakeholders.
Beginning in 2011, the following resources are being made available to qualified residents of Ontario through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP):
  • Emergency financial assistance for low-income energy consumers in need
  • More flexible customer service rules
  • Targeted conservation programs (Save on Energy Home Assistance, and others).

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

If you are a customer of an electricity utility and in a lower-income home, you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bill.  The OESP will reduce the cost of your household electricity by applying a monthly credit directly to your bill. The credit amount will depend on how many people live in your home and your combined household income. For more information please visit:

Natural Gas Conservation Programs

Conservation programs are available for customers of some natural gas utilities. Both Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas offer conservation programs for both qualifying low-income customers and non low-income residential customers.
For more information about the programs please contact Enbridge Gas Distribution or Union Gas directly.

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Ontario supports a wide range of affordable and subsidized (social) housing to meet the needs of singles, families and seniors. For more information please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Ministry of Housing.
Read about the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy and Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy.
Read about Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan.

For More Helpful Tips on Saving Energy:

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