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Energy-Efficiency Home Incentives & Programs

Maximize your energy-efficiency savings with these incentives. Ontario offers many opportunities. Check back often for updates.



Receive incentives to upgrade your home heating and cooling when you participate in the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE.  

With as much as 60% of an average home's energy use going towards heating and cooling costs, it makes sense to consider the energy-efficiency of your furnace and central air conditioning units.

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Save on Energy COUPONS

Save on Energy COUPONS can help you save money throughout the year when you purchase and install energy-efficient products for your home at participating retailers.

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MINISTRY OF ENERGY - Searchable Incentives Guide

There are many conservation and renewable energy programs available in Ontario to help you in your efforts to be more energy aware. They are offered by various levels of government, by local electricity and natural gas utilities, by non-profit agencies, and by many other associations.

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All savings are estimates and based on average savings.  Actual savings will vary.

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