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Uncover more than savings with the help of Save on Energy programs and incentives.
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For Business and Industry

Calling all CEOs: why energy efficiency matters

Gordon Hicks, CEO of BGIS, shares his thoughts on how energy efficiency is one of the best tools available to help leaders future-proof their businesses. Read why he knows this to be true.

For Your Home

Heating and Cooling program

With Save on Energy rebates, you can keep your home comfortable year-round, for less. Save up to $850 with furnace and air conditioning rebates.

For Your Small Business A small business owner

Business Refrigeration program

Receive a free refrigeration assessment and up to $2,500 towards commercial refrigeration upgrades for your business.

For Business and Industry

Five hidden energy costs of your IT

All of the tech needed for day-to-day operations can use a lot of energy. Learn how to make the right IT decisions to cut costs and save.

For Contractors and Allies

Selling your customers on energy efficiency

We get it – large-scale energy-efficiency projects can be a hard sell. Here are three approaches to help you communicate their total value.

Why energy efficiency?

When you save energy, you save money on your electricity bill and you make a lasting contribution to reducing long-term energy costs. Energy efficiency reduces and delays the need for new power plants and transmission lines. Investments in energy efficiency also make businesses more competitive and our homes more liveable, creating more than 52,000 jobs and adding $12.5 billion to the economy each year.

Strengthening communities through energy efficiency 

The First Nations communities of Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat are making their homes safer and more comfortable through Save on Energy programs. Watch how simple changes can make a big impact.

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About Save on Energy

Save on Energy is here to help you use energy wisely at home and at work. It’s the mark of energy efficiency programs offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator in partnership with local hydro companies. You can take advantage of its incentives and resources to make your energy efficiency projects more affordable, allowing you to reap the rewards faster. Save on Energy also raises awareness about the many ways we can reduce energy waste in our day-to-day lives – putting energy efficiency within your reach.

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