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Save on Energy Retrofit Portal

Your gateway to Retrofit program documents and training resources for the application portal.

The new Retrofit application portal is now available

Applying for your incentive just became easier through the Retrofit application portal – a self-serve platform that provides applicants and their representatives a streamlined way to apply for the Retrofit program.

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Retrofit Application Portal
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How to get started with the Retrofit portal

Retrofit Portal Sign Up

If you have any questions about signing up, please contact or 1-844-303-5542.

Note: If you had an existing account in the previous system, you must reactivate your account. Fill out the Sign Up form above. Sign up with the same email address used for your previous account and you will receive a reactivation email.

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Key documents

Find all required programs documents to help get you started on an application.

find retrofit program documents here

Training resources for applicant and applicant representatives

Here you can find information and tips to help make applying for Retrofit applications smooth and easy.

The digital user guide offers detailed guidance on how to use the Retrofit Portal when applying for Retrofit program incentives.

DIGITAL User guideRetrofit portal user guide for Applicants and Applicant Representatives

Check here for top tips on how to give your Retrofit application a smooth ride through its technical review.

Top tips for a smooth application

Find the August 29, 2019 webinar presentation outlining tips for a smooth application process below. A recording of the webinar is coming soon.

Retrofit ApplicationsTips for a smooth application process

How-to videos

Creating a Retrofit Application

Getting started? Here's how to create and submit a Retrofit Application.

Recalling an Application

You can quickly recall an Application if you have submitted one with errors. Note that you won't be able to recall an application once the IESO begins its review.

Copying an Application

If you have similar Retrofit projects, you can copy an existing Application to speed up the process.

Submitting an Amended Application

Just in case – here’s how to request a change to your pre-approved Retrofit Application. This function will be unavailable if you have already submitted your Post-Project Submission.

Creating a Post-Project Submission

You'll need to submit a Post-Project Submission once your project is complete so you can receive your incentive. Here's how to create and submit one.

Submitting a Final Invoice

Once your Post-Project Submission is approved by the IESO, the next step is to submit a Final Invoice to receive your incentive.

Frequently Asked Questions - for Applicants and Applicant Reps

Training resources for local hydro companies (LDCs)

The LDC digital user guide offers detailed guidance on how to use the Retrofit Portal when reviewing Retrofit program incentives.
DIGITAL User guideRetrofit portal user guide for LDCs

Frequently Asked Questions - for LDCs

Legal Disclaimer for Retrofit Application Portal

Attention to Program Participants (Including Applicants and Applicant Representatives): This system is owned and operated by the IESO. As a registered Program Participant, you have a unique and confidential User Account and Password to access this system and you agree to maintain their confidentiality. You specifically agree that you are exclusively responsible for all access to and any activity on this system that occurs through the use of your User Account and Password. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your User Account or Password, you agree to immediately notify the IESO. The IESO is not liable for any loss or damage arising from any unauthorized access or use of your User Account and Password. As a registered Program Participant you must use this system in accordance with the Program Requirements and the Participant Agreement. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, immediately advise the IESO and do not login to this system. The IESO reserves the right to restrict or remove access to this system at its sole discretion.