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Energy Affordability Program

The Energy Affordability Program offers energy-saving upgrades tailored to the specific needs of your home, all at no cost. And a more energy-efficient home means more comfort and more money in your wallet. Saving energy is simple with the Energy Affordability Program.

What is the Energy Affordability Program?

The Energy Affordability Program provides support to income-eligible electricity consumers by helping them to better manage their monthly electricity costs and to increase their home comfort.

There are two types of support available through the Energy Affordability Program: Comprehensive Support and Energy Saving Kits.

People who live in Ontario (including those living in grid-connected First Nations communities) and are responsible for paying their monthly electricity bill as a homeowner or as a renter may qualify for this program. The type of support provided will depend on your household income level from the previous year and how many people live in your home, or on your receipt of a qualifying government or energy-support benefit. Residents of social housing may also be eligible.

All expert advice and energy-saving home upgrades under this program are completely free of charge.

The Energy Affordability Program is delivered by trusted Save on Energy delivery partners.

Comprehensive Support

Ontario residents who qualify for this level of support will have an energy-efficiency expert visit their home to conduct a free energy needs assessment to identify opportunities to help them save energy, receive upgrades and replace eligible appliances.

Energy Saving Kits

energy saving kit bundle with lightbulbs, double side insulation tap, modern shower head, latest night lights.

Eligible households can receive a free energy saving kit with easy-to-install products to help you manage your energy costs and improve home comfort. Each kit includes simple, energy-saving products that you can install yourself. With this kit, you can seal up the drafts around your windows and doors, save on lighting costs, and reduce your home's water use too.

After applying, you'll receive your energy saving kit within three to six weeks by mail. There are no fees or shipping costs.

How to get started

To sign up, find out if you qualify or learn more about the program:

Option One

Contact us by phone


Option Two

Complete the form and be contacted by a program service provider within three business days. 

Program information and resources

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The Home Assistance Program ended on December 31, 2020, but the same benefits continue to be available at no cost for social housing in the Energy Affordability Program.

Read social housing case studies from the home assistance program
Finchview Villa Housing

Finchview Villa residents are resting easier since new energy-efficient light bulbs, a new ENERGY STAR® freezer and five ENERGY STAR® refrigerators were installed in the non-profit apartment complex for seniors near Ottawa.

The upgrades helped lower the residence’s annual energy costs by approximately $2,600, keeping overall operating costs in check.

By lowering energy costs, the residence is helping to make rent more affordable for the seniors living there.


Home Assistance Program


  • $2,600 in annual energy savings

  • Lower energy costs for the residence
  • Peace of mind for seniors


Aventine Co-op Homes

An energy audit at Aventine Co-op Homes in Kitchener, Ontario, an electrically-heated town home complex, identified a wave of upgrades to help individual members save on their energy bills and live more comfortably.

“The audit was a great catalyst,” said Paulette Clamp, Aventine’s Administrator. “We realized that switching to energy-efficient light bulbs was just one of many things we could do to help our members. Since the audit, we’ve installed new heaters, as well as patio and garage doors in most of the units to stop energy from leaking out. We’ve also started circulating notices and flyers with tips on saving energy.”

A free energy audit had a transformative effect on Aventine Co-op Homes and its members. Small changes led to bigger ones and to a whole new mindset about energy efficiency.


Home Assistance Program


  • Greater in-home comfort

  • Energy savings for co-op members
  • Incremental investments in energy upgrades

  • Energy efficiency awareness amongst members


YWCA Sudbury

When offered the opportunity to reduce operating costs at the Sudbury YWCA’s 10-unit transitional housing unit, and its emergency shelter for women and children, Executive Director Marlene Gorman didn’t think twice. Through the Home Assistance Program, she installed energy-efficient light bulbs and ENERGY STAR® refrigerators.

The savings made enough of a difference that the not-for-profit organization looked at other energy-saving measures to increase residents’ comfort and sense of security.

Now, with the money it’s saving on energy, the YWCA Sudbury can put more of its budget towards the day-to-day needs of women and children in crisis.


Home Assistance Program


  • Increased sense of safety for residents

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved in-suite comfort for residents