Energy Manager of the Year Awards

Award Nomination Deadline has been extended to
December 20th, 2019

Call for submissions for the 2019 IESO Energy Manager of the Year awards.

Are you working on innovative energy-efficiency projects in your organization?

Have you seen the benefits of facility baselining and data analytics in proving the value of energy-efficiency projects? 

Have you also implemented internal communication programs and/or staff training within your organization to promote that energy management is a whole organizational effort?

If this sounds like you, put your name forward to be considered for one of the 2019 Energy Manager of the Year awards. Winners will be showcased in a dedicated video and presented their awards at the 2019 Energy Manager Forum event to be held this spring in Toronto.

Benefits of the Awards

Award winners and their organizations will have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated award video.

These award videos will raise the credibility of your company’s energy manager leadership in Ontario. Plus, your company will be given a copy of the video for its own distribution.

An award plaque will be presented to the energy manager’s organization and an individual plaque for the award winners. Both you and your company are recognized.

These awards prove energy management adds value to an organization.  In less than two years, Lake Shore Gold went from a program in its infancy to saving the most electricity in 2018.  The awards have built momentum and facilitated buy-in for projects furthering our energy agenda.  Personally, these awards helped catapult me to becoming the first Canadian awarded International Energy Engineer of the Year.

- Bruce Armitage, 2018 Energy Manager of the Year and Most Non-incented Savings Awards Winner

Who is Eligible?

Ontario-based embedded Energy Managers who have shown exemplary progress in delivering strategic energy management best practices through the following:

  • integration of energy management 
  • use of data analytics (such as baseline models and performance metrics) 
  • communication strategies 
  • and organizational engagement

Nominated Energy Managers must spend 100% of their time in the role of an Energy Manager. They must be employed in Ontario and embedded within their organization’s Ontario-based facilities.

Both Save on Energy-funded and non-funded Energy Managers are eligible.

Here's how you enter

Submit a nomination by emailing your answers to the four questions:

  1. Describe how your role as an embedded Energy Manager has led to an increased integration of energy management within your organization’s facilities and what benefits have been achieved. 

  2. Describe how you have used data analytics (such as energy baseline models) to:
    • demonstrate the results of your projects
    • find new energy-saving opportunities or
    • help others recognize the impact energy efficiency has had on your organization

  3. Describe your communication strategies that were successfully implemented to help you succeed as an Energy Manager within your organization. Include any communication tools, campaigns or programs that have been implemented to get others involved in energy efficiency.

  4. Describe the outcomes or changes you have achieved that demonstrate your organization’s engagement to energy management continuous improvement. Include any examples of how energy management has been integrated into daily operations.

Submit your nomination now

Call for Submissions closes on December 20th, 2019.

Awards Selection

All entries will be reviewed by a selection committee of Energy Manager Support Services, and the short-listed candidates will be contacted by phone for an interview.

Final selections will be decided by the IESO.