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Resource and Knowledge Guides


Unitary AC Incentive BrochureMeasurement and Verification - CEATI Guide  
Download the CEATI guide on measurement and verification for information on fundamental principles of energy measurement, common issues, measurement equipment, methods and examples of energy measurement and verification.



Unitary AC Incentive BrochureCompressed Air - CEATI Guide 
Download the CEATI guide on compressed air systems for information on air compressor types, controls, auxillary equipment, misuses of compressed air, energy efficient measures and maintenance types for compressed air systems.



Unitary AC Incentive BrochureElectric Motors - CEATI Guide  
Download the CEATI guide on premium efficiency motors for information on motor classifications, operating principles, motor types, controls and maintenance techniques.
Unitary AC Incentive BrochureFans & Blowers - CEATI Guide  
Download the CEATI guide on fans and blowers for information on fans and blower types, operational considerations, energy saving opportunities, identifying inefficiencies, assessing fans and regulations.
Unitary AC Incentive BrochurePump Systems - CEATI Guide  
Download the CEATI guide on pump systems for information on pump applications, classifications of pumps, controls, operational considerations, energy saving opportunities and pump optimization.
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