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Selecting an Auditor 

You need the assurance of knowing that your company’s energy audit is in good hands. The AUDIT FUNDING Program was designed to ensure qualified, experienced auditors are used to help you identify how your business currently uses energy. It also helps you identify how you can save on operating costs while maintaining utmost performance. 

The energy audits must be completed by a third party with the following qualifications:

A professional engineer (PEng.), a certified engineering technologist (CET), a certified energy manager or a certified measurement and verification professional, who has at least three years of relevant experience evaluating energy systems in building or,

An engineer-in-training under the supervision of a PEng. or CET only if a qualified and experienced person as described above certifies and signs the Audit Repor or,

Building Energy Assessment Professional, as designated by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc or,

A Certified Energy Auditor as designated by the Association of Energy Engineers; or
for a Person who conducts a Building System Audit for a compressed air system, a Person who has completed the following courses sponsored by the Compressed Air Challenge: (A) Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems (Level 1), and (B) Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems (Level 2);

Please contact your LDC for a representative to provide you with relevant documents and assist you in completing your application. 
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