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St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Upgrades Lighting to Save $125,000 in Energy Costs Annually

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital evaluated the opportunities for energy efficiency improvements through an energy audit by Honeywell. The audit identified opportunities to reduce energy consumption through its lighting, HVAC systems, control systems, water systems and building envelope.

“Improving the care we provide our patients is at the root of everything we do,” said Paul Collins, St. Thomas-Elgin Hospital’s President and CEO. “The condition of our facility is a key part of this. The energy efficiency upgrades will go a long way in enhancing the indoor environment for our patients and staff and reduce our operating costs at the same time.”

The goal of the St. Thomas-Elgin Hospital was to implement a comprehensive energy and facility renewal program aimed at reducing electricity, natural gas and water use, while  simultaneously upgrading the hospital’s infrastructure.

Of particular interest to the hospital was the replacement of an old R11 chiller with a new high-efficiency 250 ton system. St. Thomas-Elgin Hospital partnered with Honeywell to complete the improvements. The turnkey program included evaluation, engineering, procurement, implementation, commissioning, training, communications and awareness, monitoring and verification, and an annual savings guarantee.
To further increase the efficiency of the hospital, new zone dampers were added in selected areas to restrict air flow and ventilation to unoccupied areas while maintaining air flow to occupied areas served by the same unit. Additionally, variable speed drives were installed in numerous applications, such as pumping systems, kitchen hood ventilation and cooling tower fans, to reduce electricity consumption.
Lighting was also upgraded across the hospital to eliminate T12 lamps, upgrade recessed lighting fixtures to higher-efficiency fixtures and to replace exit light fixtures with new LED-based fixtures.

The local electric utility, St. Thomas Energy Inc., worked with the project team to receive more than $10,000 in Save on Energy incentives and help yield annual savings around $125,000.
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