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Pat Antonucci, Regional Manager (Central Region) at a neatly stocked Legacy Supply Chain Services Warehouse

Legacy Supply Chain Services' Lighting Upgrades Deliver $120,000 in Yearly Savings

LEGACY Supply Chain Services is a top-ranked third party logistics solutions provider for the retail and wholesale market in North America. LEGACY places a lot of importance on sustainability, and their mission statement is three-fold; improve the well-being of people (employees and their communities), increase financial stability and protect the environment. With the help of saveONenergy incentives, LEGACY implemented a lighting retrofit project at their 550,000 square foot Caledon facility that satisfied all aspects of their sustainability mission.
Industrial warehouse complexes like LEGACY’s often have rental rates that are quite comparable. One of the only controllable expenditures for companies with similar facilities is energy. Implementing energy conservation tactics allows companies like LEGACY to save on what is commonly believed to be a fixed cost, and consequently gain a competitive advantage. When LEGACY first heard about the Save on Energy Retrofit Program from one of their clients, it peaked their interest and they decided to investigate its benefits. The program provides financial incentives for a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades applicable to industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural facilities. “It purely comes down to dollars and cents. There is always a balance of what’s right for the environment and keeping your business requirements in check. The fact that we would be able to install energy efficient lighting in our facility, satisfy our environmental sustainability goals and have the cost-benefit analysis to support the project – it was a no-brainer,” said Pat Antonucci, Regional Manager (Central Region) at LEGACY.

With the support of local electrical contractor Neutron Electrical, who helped them through the application process, LEGACY received $120,800 in incentives for their lighting retrofit. The project consisted of retrofitting 900 fixtures with long-life T8 fluorescent lamps and installing 320 occupancy sensors. “This facility is operational 24 hours a day. Before the retrofits, the lights would always be on, and the energy costs would reflect that. The occupancy sensors have made a huge difference,” said Antonucci. “One of the advantages is the great lighting environment compared to metal halides, which tend to dim and flicker. These T8s have actually increased our ability to see a lot better throughout the building,” added Rob Bowers, Business Analyst at LEGACY.
The energy savings for the new lighting system at LEGACY were significant – annual energy consumption was reduced by 1,650,000 kWh, which translates to $120,000 in yearly savings. “When you look at the cost of the project and what you save, it’s a great return on investment. It’s close to a 35% reduction in annual energy costs,” said Antonucci. “The results from the Save on Energy program were two-fold – we are seeing consistent savings and we are minimizing our ecological footprint. It’s a great program and a win-win situation for everybody,” Bowers added. The project was so successful for LEGACY that they are now looking into implementing similar lighting retrofits into their other facilities.
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