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New high-efficiency lighting at Gears Bike Shop. Good for customers, good for business. 

  For Kevin Wallace and Ira Kargel, saving energy should be all about the positives - happier customers, productive employees, saving on the bottom line and a smaller environmental impact.

Today, it looks like their brand of common sense is paying off. Since deciding to switch out the energy intensive halogen lights in the Gears bike shop they operate in Mississauga, these small business co-owners say they are living proof that saving energy can be good for business and for the environment.

“Halogen lights were doing a good job showcasing our products, but they generated too much heat, making the store too warm in places and creating uneven cooling and heating. It was not always a comfortable environment for customers and employees,” said Kargel.

That’s all changed now. With help from Enersource, their local distribution company, Wallace and Kargel learned that energy-efficient LED lights would still keep the shop bright and comfortable, but would also save some energy. “Energy costs are definitely significant for us,” said Kargel. “We have to carefully manage the business’s expenses to operate successfully. That’s what made participating in this program such a no-brainer.”

Energy savings were just one of the positives that came with participating in the Save on Energy Small Business Lighting program. “We noticed a reduction in our energy costs, for sure, but the products also look really great with the new lights. It’s important to me that I have an environment where my customers and employees feel comfortable, without compromising the quality of light.”

Gears employees are also impressed with the new lights. According to Kargel, they are more comfortable working in areas that were previously too hot because of the warmth generated by the overhead halogen bulbs. “We have an area where we fit bicycles specifically to riders and it’s a relatively confined space. Previously, they would rush to get the job finished because it was too hot. That’s no longer the case.”

For Kargel, who believes that cycling and sustainability go hand-in-hand, the lighting retrofit at Gears is one way to encourage other small business owners in the area to get in touch with Enersource to discuss energy-efficient options. “It’s absolutely vital to the growth of local businesses and the sustainability of our communities that we consider new technologies which reduce energy consumption,” said Kargel. “So if something comes up that can make a positive impact, we have to step out of our routines to make the positive choice and make a greater impact on what we’re doing
in our communities.”

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