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Chantler Transport

Chantler Transport is keeping its costs down and saving on energy by installing Intelligent Parking Lot Controllers thanks to incentives provided by the Retrofit Program

With a motto like “getting it right to your destination,” Chantler Transport of Innisfil, Ontario, can’t afford to have its tractor-trailers sidelined by anything, especially not the cold. But it also has to stay competitive, so when the company found out about a new kind of engine block heater plug that could also help it save on its energy bills, it jumped at the chance. 
The idea first came from electrical contractor, Wallwin Electric Services Ltd. “Chantler called us looking to replace a couple of weather-damaged receptacles,” says Wallwin estimator Mike Dunlop. “I had seen these new ones – called Intelligent Parking Lot Controllers or IPLCs – at a tradeshow and, after a whole lot of additional research, I took them to Chantler as a great idea. I also called Innisfil Hydro to see what incentives might be available to help Chantler cover the costs, and discovered that the project was eligible for the Save on Energy Retrofit Program.”

Mike estimates that the IPLCs, which he calls “pretty smart little units,” will use about 65 percent less energy than Chantler’s old outlets.
“It was the first time we’d handled this type of project,” says Mathew Davy, Innisfil Hydro’s Conservation and Demand Management Representative. “We typically see applications for lighting or motors, but the Retrofit Program can provide incentives for a lot of different measures, including pretty unique ones like this. It’s a simple but really smart device.”
An IPCL can replace any existing parking stall power outlet. Its microprocessor measures both temperature and wind chill. For diesel engines like those used by Chantler’s rigs, it is factory programmed not to deliver any power when the temperature is above 50° C. The IPCL delivers power when it gets colder, staying on 10% of the time at 50° C and 100% of the time at -200° C.

In addition, the IPCL will not turn on when a tractor-trailer first pulls into a parking stall. Instead, it will wait at least two hours, until the engine has cooled to the point where it needs block-heater support. The IPLC also helps make sure the driver will always be able to get back on the road after a long night in the cold: the unit’s red and green LED lights indicate whether there’s power at the plug, and if the truck’s block heater has shorted or has a break in the circuit.

“We are always looking for cost savings and to be environmentally friendly,” says Chantler Transport Controller, Trish Carman. “Because the project was completed just a couple of months ago, we only have estimated cost savings about $3,264 a year, just from switching to these new plugs but the savings may be larger, especially if we have a really cold winter”.

Trish is also a fan of how the project was carried out. “Everything went very smoothly,” she says, “and in a timely fashion. Wallwin made sure there was the least possible interruption to our work, and that our drivers had a plug to use throughout the replacement process.”

“I was glad to see IPCLs coming into Ontario,” says Khaled Hamel, Roving Energy Manager for Cornerstone Hydroelectric Concepts, Inc., a cooperative of 13 local hydro companies, including Innisfil Hydro, “because I knew they were being used successfully in other places, like Saskatchewan and B.C. I was also glad we have a custom track in the Save on Energy Retrofit Program to allow for any kind of project, as long as you can measure and verify the savings.”

Khaled, whose role in this project was to determine whether the IPCLs would produce enough energy savings to be eligible for the Retrofit Program, has now recommended IPCLs to other transport companies in Ontario. Says Chantler’s Trish Carman, “We are considered a mid-sized fleet. This would be a huge cost saving for the really big transport companies.”
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