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Canadian Tire is saving energy and reducing electricity costs thanks to Save on Energy incentives. Energy efficiency upgrades including the installation of Demand Control Ventilation were implemented in 129 of their retail stores through the RETROFIT PROGRAM

Canadian Tire participated in the Save on Energy Retrofit Program to implement energy saving measures across 129 stores in Ontario. As one of Canada’s most trusted brands with 490 stores from coast to coast, the proud Canadian company provides innovative products and services that meet customer needs without compromising the environment.

“Canadian Tire has been committed to sustainable operations for a very long time,” says Rob Simpson, Manager of Design and Sustainability at Canadian Tire. “We were one of the first Canadian companies to include sustainability metrics as part of our quarterly and annual reporting.

We’ve implemented a number of energy efficiency initiatives in our existing stores — from lighting retrofits and building automation to the way we heat and cool our buildings. So when we heard about how the Save on Energy program could support projects like Demand Control Ventilation to reduce energy consumption, we were eager to learn more.”   

Traditionally, heating and cooling systems have been designed to meet air quality standards by using general guidelines for minimum air ventilation rates provided by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). The traditional approach maintains a constant air flow volume based on the size and occupancy of the space. This method can often result in a significant waste of energy and money during times when fewer people are in the building.

A Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system uses carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors to monitor the levels of carbon dioxide in the air on a continual basis. When more people are in the building, the consumption of oxygen and the production of carbon dioxide increases. The monitors detect this and increase the supply of outdoor air. When fewer people are in the building, the controller reduces the volume of ventilation air to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the indoor air quality.
The Save on Energy Retrofit Program is funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator and delivered through the local hydro companies across Ontario. Toronto Hydro and Enbridge Gas Distribution worked with Canadian Tire’s head office and the other utilities across the province to implement the projects at 129 Canadian Tire stores.

“We also provided a ‘good housekeeping’ seal of technical approval so that the other local hydro companies were able to approve their own projects in good time and with confidence,” says Joe Bilé, Manager CDM Business Development & Program Delivery at Toronto Hydro.

“From the Save on Energy Retrofit Program incentive application submission through to project implementation, we helped streamline the process and meet the client’s tight construction deadlines,” he adds.

The project was a result of Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Ontario Power Authority (now Independent Electricity System Operator), Toronto Hydro and Canadian Tire’s business partner, Inviro Engineering, working together to introduce the benefits of installing demand control ventilation. “The DCV campaign, which provided an increased gas incentive when combined with the Save on Energy Retrofit Program incentive, made this project financially appealing,” says John Tideman, Senior Manager, Commercial DSM Sales and Marketing at Enbridge.

Canadian Tire and its partners were able to complete the retrofit within a short four month period. “Enbridge was also successful in completing the necessary audit to issue the natural gas incentive payments for all locations by the end of the calendar year,” Tideman says.

The savings estimated across the 129 stores were based on a number of factors, and so far the program is meeting expectations. Annual energy savings are expected to include 2.5 million kWh, 2 million m3 of natural gas, over 1,000 kW of Demand Savings, and over 5,000 tonnes of CO2.

Due to the ease of the Save on Energy Retrofit Program and the resulting benefits of this project, Canadian Tire isn’t stopping at Demand Control Ventilation. “We are always looking at the latest technologies, including advances in lighting technology and opportunities to improve our efficiency from a heating and cooling perspective,” says Simpson. “We expect many of these technologies to be integral to future energy saving projects. We would eagerly participate in the Save on Energy programs in the future.” 

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